COMPATIBLE SENSORS certified drones

Go ahead and choose the drone that works best for you. We’ve partnered with passionate drone suppliers to ensure a seamless workflow from drone to data insight. is designed to be hardware agnostic and is guaranteed to work with the following drone sensors: Micasense Rededge-MX, Micasense Rededge-Mini, Micasense Rededge 3, Airinov multiSPEC 4C, Airinov PRI, Parrot Sequoia, Parrot Sequoia+, FLIR Tau 2, FLIR Vue Pro,FLIR Vue Pro R, and RGB sensors.

Delair UX11  |  Delair UX11 Ag  |  DJI Drones  |  WingtraOne  |  Quantum Systems Trinity F90+

Professional mapping drone Delair UX11

Delair UX11

The UX11 is Delair’s professional, affordable, fixed-wing mapping drone that integrates natively with to provide user-friendly map creation and a streamlined workflow. Take this cellular-connected, AI-ready drone anywhere and digitize your site with ease, resulting in quality data to deliver business insights. Suitable for mapping and GIS applications across multiple industries including mining, agriculture, and utilities.

Delair UX11 Ag.

The UX11 AG is a smart plant mapping drone that can cover large areas without compromising on the data quality and precision (150 ha with 8cm GSD). It comes with a fully integrated market-leading MicaSense multispectral camera that captures bird view, biomass and chlorophyll insights in one flight. You can choose it with the PPK feature activated for survey grade results.

DJI Drones

Delair has partnered with DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, to make available on a range of popular DJI products, like the Phantom 4, DJI Matrice 200 series, and the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise. If you are looking for a hassle-free option for your enterprise drone program, look no further.


The WingtraOne is a professional fixed-wing VTOL drone used for large-scale high accuracy aerial surveys when in need to takeoff and land anywhere. WingtraOne captures high-resolution photos (42 MP) with brilliant image quality and accuracy that yields a GSD down to 0.7 cm. Wingtra is an official distributor of, making it easy to get your end-to-end workflow up and running.

Quantum Systems Trinity F90+

An eVTOL fixed-wing UAV with an assortment of easily swappable payloads and an industry-leading flight time of 90 minutes. The Quantum Systems Trinity F90+ is designed for mapping large areas efficiently.

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