On: 4 July 2019 In: Delair.ai Platform

The usability of drone data depends on the tools that process and collect it. As such, Wingtra and Delair are excited to announce that WingtraOne data is compatible with the Delair Aerial Intelligence (Delair.ai) platform. By integrating these two drone platforms, Delair and Wingtra are better able to give customers more choices in their workflows.

It’s one thing to offer a leading VTOL drone survey solution on the market, it’s another to maximize its rich data potential with software that keeps the user in mind,” said Leopold Flechsenberger, Head of Sales at Wingtra. “Delair.ai is offering truly user-friendly and collaborative features, when bundled with our WingtraOne drone. Professionals across industries will see that this bundle is built by people who understand their problems and know how to solve them.

Professionals across industries will see that this bundle is built by people who understand their problems and know how to solve them.

Leopold Flechsenberger, Head of Sales at Wingtra

Wingtra and Delair are both equally committed to giving our customers all the tools they need to succeed, and this partnership allows us to provide a powerful solution. The VTOL design of their WingtraOne drone is a great addition to the Delair.ai ecosystem, and the compatibility between our technologies results in clear and accurate maps and measurements which managers and teams can seamlessly work with,” says Stefanie David, Partner Marketing Manager at Delair. “We are happy to offer this bundle to site managers in mining, construction and other industries.

An end-to-end drone data processing solution

Since the company launched in 2011, Delair has offered both hardware and software solutions to customers in a wide array of industries. This experience has resulted in a software product which allows teams to create digital twins of an unlimited number of sites and rapidly and repeatedly analyze this comprehensive imagery to deliver actionable – and scalable – business insights.

Designed with enterprise clients in mind, Delair.ai is a cloud-based platform that boasts a powerful suite of tools for visualizing, measuring, storing and sharing drone data. Besides a user-friendly interface, Delair.ai offers real-time collaboration through annotation and conversation threads, as well as instant team notifications. Delair.ai offers basic photogrammetry functionality, like point clouds, DSM and orthomosaic, as well as more advanced analytic solutions and workflows tailored to specific industries and projects.

Delair.ai was designed to be hardware agnostic, allowing Delair to partner with other leading industry players and amplify the added-value the drone ecosystem offers to businesses. The WingtraOne, a well-known professional mapping drone in the industry, has been officially certified as compatible with Delair.ai software, allowing users to benefit from a hardware solution they trust and the advanced analytics they need.