On: 17 October 2019 In: Delair.ai Platform, Surveying & Mapping

delair.ai R4 release note: Improved annotations for volume calculations and UX design

This release of delair.ai makes navigating the platform much more seamless, with an improved user interface. Here’s a roundup of what has changed on the platform: 

A new delair.ai interface

The core of the platform still functions the same way, however the layout and position of the buttons have changed.

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Import UX11 raw images directly on delair.ai

If you own a Delair UX11 fixed-wing drone, now you can directly upload raw data (.DLC) on delair.ai without post-processing them on Delair After Flight. This allows for a stronger integration of Delair solutions, paving the way for scalability and lower operation costs.

Centralized requests for advanced mining analytics on delair.ai

Previously, users whose use cases revolved around mining needed to use an external online form to request their analytics. Now, delair.ai includes the possibility to request your Advanced Stockpiles, Haul Roads, Safety & Highwall analytics directly from the platform so all your information is centralized.

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Email notification for new uploaded images

The account admin can now select whether or not to be notified by email when an operator has completed an upload on delair.ai, allowing for a more timely kick-off of the processing.

Possibility to create a project without a .KML file

Initially, it was mandatory for users with mining use cases to upload a KML file at the project creation in order to  create the link between delair.ai and Cloud.delair.ai. Today users that use legacy Cloud.delair.ai platform have the possibility to create new projects on delair.ai without uploading a .KML file at the initial project creation step.

Improved annotations

delair.ai allows you to calculate volumes on your stockpiles – or any surface with a volume – when a polygon annotation is drawn:

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You may also select the method of calculation to be used based on your use case.

You may edit the style of the polygon to differentiate it from different annotations.

You may add an attachment relevant to the annotation that you have drawn.

When a “Point” annotation is created, different Icons and Pictograms are available based on the users’ requirements.

Finally, you may export the annotation in .JSON or .DXF formats.

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