On: 15 April 2020 In: Agriculture, Delair.ai Platform

delair.ai - Advanced multispectral and hyperspectral maps and new analytics catalogue

We have updated the delair.ai platform with a set of exciting new features and UX improvements and we can’t wait to hear your feedback! Read on to discover the cool new additions.

Customizable multispectral and hyperspectral maps

We now have many users, especially within agriculture and forestry, that enjoy our multispectral and hyperspectral map features. Just like us, these users love their data, and we want to give them even more possibilities when it comes to exploring the intelligence that the data can bring them. We now enable you to create 100% customized views of your multi-band data, with custom scouting and composition maps. Easily investigate what the many bands have to offer in order to perform the analysis that can give you the insights you need, to better understand the status of your crops.

Want to deep dive into a specific vegetation index? Do you already know one that is really specific to a certain disease? Do you want to zoom in on a phenomenon that you can only study by combining several bands of your hyperspectral dataset? Simply enter the combinations you’re interested in and delair.ai will automatically perform the calculation and display the results.

These videos show how you can create custom scouting maps and custom composition maps from your multispectral and hyperspectral data.
The specific example shows how the Plant Senescence Reflectance Index reacts to potato crops at the end of the season.
(double-click on a video to display in full screen)

New and improved Analytics Catalogue

One of the main uses of delair.ai is obviously the analytics apps that enable you to extract business intelligence from your digital twins. We have performed a major overhaul of the UI and UX of the catalogue, to make it much easier to find analytics apps, launch them, and see the status of running apps.

This video shows how you can now easily find analytics apps by searching for their name or navigating through the categories. You can also see how much easier it now is to check the status of a running analytics app.

What would you like to see next?

We hope that you are as excited about these new features as we are. We would love to receive your feedback and also hear about any ideas you might have for improvements or new features that you would like to see on delair.ai.

Enjoy and stay in touch.

– The delair.ai Team –

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