On: 20 July 2020 In: Delair.ai Platform
On: 8 July 2020 In: Delair.ai Platform

What’s new in delair.ai? New Stockpile Self-Service helps identify stockpiles with a drawing tool on the digital twin, calculate volumes and generates inventory reports within minutes. Quick and easy. Also, we have simplified the way we manage the coordinate systems to always work on quality well-referenced data on the...

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On: 1 July 2020 In: Agriculture, Delair.ai Platform

Forestry Club de France used delair.ai to detect trees under attack and cut only the necessary areas to sanitize the forest.

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On: 3 June 2020 In: Delair.ai Platform

With just a few lines of code, you can easily deploy your customized analytic on projects containing 3D images in delair.ai.

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On: 26 May 2020 In: Delair.ai Platform

delair.ai platform update: We continue our frequent upgrades to delair.ai and the latest release contains a wide range of exciting new features! Read on to learn more.

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On: 15 April 2020 In: Agriculture, Delair.ai Platform

delair.ai platform update: you can now create your own custom scouting maps and custom composition maps from your multispectral and hyperspectral data

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On: 1 April 2020 In: Delair.ai Platform, Power & Utilities

delair.ai’s machine-learning algorithms for automatic Lidar point cloud classification allow you to isolate your infrastructure and classify its surroundings just with a click.

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On: 31 March 2020 In: Delair.ai Platform

We’re making tracking changes over time even easier with our new change map. Now you can compute the difference between two DSM surveys and observe what has changed in terms of cut & fill volume.

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On: 27 February 2020 In: Delair.ai Platform

Learn how the delair.ai SDK can help you go further with your visual data. With delair.ai, you get automation, AI and machine learning at your fingertips.

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On: 18 February 2020 In: Delair.ai Platform

Digital transformation of Visual Intelligence at enterprises begs the question: where should I store my imagery? We'll examine desktop vs. cloud.

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