On: 11 March 2020 In: Agriculture

Automatically vectorize your field trials microplots on delair.ai (video)

Drone based techniques are highly reliable to monitor traits of varieties and evaluate field trials response at the microplot level. The key for successful aerial phenotyping operations is to delineate and georeference every single micro-plot on your map.

Our data scientists have used millions of vectorized micro-plots to develop algorithms that help agriculture researchers adjust their micro-plots with centimeter accuracy.

delair.ai automatically overlays your micro-plots on a map. Within seconds, it detects the ones that require a slight adjustment. It then fixes their location based on vegetation indices. Once they are all correctly located on the map and georeferenced with the right micro-plot IDs, you can start your phenotyping operations. You can extract trait value, identify invalid micro-plots, and share the results with your team efficiently.

In this video (second 29), you can visualise how our program works. Each microplot is represented through a blue rectangle. The black band at the top and bottom is your reflectance map. Each blue microplot is thoroughly scanned and adjusted based on vegetation indices computed from a multispectral reflectance map.

Here is a selection of trait values that you can extract in delair.ai:

  • Statistics/microplot
  • Plant height
  • Plant count
  • Flowering characterization
  • Emergence characterization
  • Stay green
  • Fraction of vegetation cover


Do you want to learn more about delair.ai features to automatically vectorize your farm microplots?

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