Plantation management

From planting to harvest, know precisely the status of your plantation. helps you run a detailed inventory, monitor the health of your assets and feed your production forecast. With daily access to our solution, you will feel empowered to optimize your logistics, year after year and maintain a profitable and sustainable operation.

Assess land uses

Survey potential areas to be planted and delineate areas suitable for planting. Design road and terrace, and monitor their implementation, as well as land cleaning.

Run assets inventory

As a plantation manager, you need a detailed inventory of your plantation, both at the field and individual tree levels. analytics help digitize your field and row boundaries, automatically count your plants, estimate their heights, and sync the data to your management information system.

React quickly on sanitary issues

Get early warning of stresses or disease through scout analytics. Those valuable insights unlock new ways of running field operations and help optimize inputs such as water, fertilizer, and chemicals.

Perform detailed due diligence and audit

Our solution supports regulatory and normative compliance audits – with detailed and opposable information about the supply chain thanks to digital twins of production field and their environment. Those maps help to proactively verify deforestation issues, identify hotspot of risks and feed carbon footprint estimation.


  • Scouting maps
  • Gaps and count
  • Plant Height
  • Row Vectorization


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