Forestry inventory

Oversee the growth, productivity and operations of your forestland. assists you across your entire forest cycle, thanks to smart sampling, inventory and health diagnosis features. You can track the evolution of your forestry assets and optimize your productivity.

Generate maps of your forest stands

Assess surfaces of your forestlands with high-resolution orthophotos. Visualize your forest management units, or forest characteristics through classified mapping by tree age, species or homogeneous areas.

Detect dead trees and surfaces

Run a health diagnosis by geolocating dead trees and concerned areas. Get early warning of diseases with a combination of satellite (macroviews) and drone data for (detailed diagnosis). With this type of insight, you can mitigate risk, localize your harvest and plan your replantation operations.

Calculate timber volume

Get accurate tree counts and timber volume estimation of your forest plots to evaluate the success of your replantation, thanks to smart sampling and inventory tools.

Monitor field operations

Our before and after maps allows you to understand the evolution of major operations on the ground, such as reforestation or logging.

Get a completion rate for planting & regeneration

Our canopy closure rate or Fcover will help you assess whether your target has been reached both from a closure and species standpoints.


  • Scouting maps
  • Sanitary monitoring
  • Tree count
  • Tree height measurement
  • Timber volume is the perfect tool to oversee the growth, productivity and operations of your forestland


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