Stockpile app for Mines & Quarries

Advanced Stockpile Measurement

stockpile measurement app for mining

With the Advanced Stockpiles app you get greater visibility of your inventory to help you meet demand, plan production, reduce working capital, and more easily attain accounting goals.

Save time with this automated stockpile inventory reporting toolset that eliminates the need to manually measure stockpiles by automatically identifying and measuring stockpiles for you. The quality and precision of the results are assured thanks to a quality check made by Delair experts, allowing you to perform even the most complex stockpile volume calculation with ease.

Automated stockpile reports save you time and enable you to deliver information to the stakeholders timely and accurately.

View individual volumes, areas, heights, and tonnage, by simply hovering over a stockpile. Easily export this information to your ERP software to fullfil your accounting objectives. Both visual reports (.pdf) and tabular reports (.xls) are created.

Additional Analytics for Mines & Quarries

mine haul road design

Haul Roads Analytic

Mining Safety Technology

Safety & Highwalls Analytic

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