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Delair provides aerial intelligence solutions for mines & quarries to rapidly and repeatedly collect and analyze comprehensive imagery of all your sites. The Delair Aerial Intelligence powerful analytics help turn aerial data into actionable business insights, enabling you to improve the operations and increase the safety of your site in a scalable easy way.


Mining Drone Analysis for your sites

Mines & Quarries Drone Data Solutions

mining drone analysis

Monitor production
and efficiency

Visualize inventory and export reports. Measure reserve consumption and mining progress. Analyze haul road conditions to optimize fleet fuel consumption and traffic flow. Plan blasting and track changes over time.

mining drone analysis software

Help ensure safety and compliance

Detect non-compliant safety blocks, berms, and highwalls. View impact areas. Conduct safety reviews more comprehensively and frequently to ensure safe operating conditions.

mining drone analysis insights

Collaborate easily accross sites and teams

Scale across organizations and operations of any size. Cloud-based application allows universal access by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Annotate, comment and share with all your collaborators.

Mining & Quarrying life cycle

Monitor and optimize your operations throughout the entire lifecycle of your site

mining drone analysis quarrying

Mining & Quarrying Business Insights Analytics

stockpile measurement app for mining

Advanced Stockpiles

mine haul road design

Haul Roads Analytic

Mining Safety Technology

Safety & Highwalls Analytic

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