Drone training and programs

Delair-Tech UAVs distributors

If purchasing your system from one of our authorized distributors, you will receive your training directly from them. Please contact them for information on the location, duration, and details of training.

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If you are purchasing your system directly from DELAIR, training takes place in France (Toulouse/Montauban).


  • Meet the DELAIR team at our headquarters
  • Training briefing
  • Unmanned Aerial System generalities
  • Complete system implementation
  • Operations specifications
  • Flight environment & critical phases


  • Ground Control Station functions
  • Preflight & post flight procedures
  • Flight environment analysis
  • Flight demonstration
  • Preflight & post flight methodology


  • Ground Control Station functionalities
  • Take-off and landing methodology
  • Practical exercises


  • Flight plan preparation
  • DELAIR payload characteristics and settings
  • DL-Tool Software training
  • Flight mission with sensor (Customer payload)
  • Practical exercises
  • Practical flight evaluation


  • Unmanned Aerial System standards and recommendations
  • PDATA process methodology
  • Basic maintenance
  • Practical exercises (if needed)
  • Training debriefing