UAV Technology

What make our technologies so disruptive?
At DELAIR, as pioneers of leading-edge technologies, inspired by aeronautical developments, image and video processing, Big Data, Deep Learning, Machine-to-Machine, Internet of Things we create dedicated hi-tech products for industry.

With our team of highly qualified engineers and our unique experience of the aeronautical and aerospace ecosystem in Toulouse these last 5 years, we design our drones “from scratch” to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We put DELAIR firmly on the map with our DT18 drone, the first in the world to be certified for automatic flight in civil airspace, out of sight of the pilot (BLOS –Beyond line of sight). We have since created state-of-the art long range telecommunication systems (with a range of 20km, 3G, 4G and with satellite-signal links), a powerful embedded photo and video processing system, a range of robust, reliable cameras built with industrial-grade components… and many other innovative products needed for our drone technologies such as sensors, software or antennas.



DELAIR integrates a new HD sensor based on leading industrial technology. It captures amazingly sharp images in varying light conditions and offers an outstanding operational ground sampling distance (GSD) even for large surveys. Flown on our DT18 (certified for BVLOS) this sensor is able to realize long range missions and large area mapping with best-in-class coverage and range performance.

Resolution 21.4 Mpix
Shutter Global
Dynamic Range  70 dB
Delair-Tech 3 Bands for DT18

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The DT- 5Bands sensor is perfectly suited for precision agriculture, vegetation / forestry monitoring and crop health mapping. The DT-5bands payload based on the Micasense RedEdge sensor includes five high precision sensors to capture the vegetation response at five frequency bands. Narrow band optical filters are applied to each sensor to produce five independent data sets: Red, Green, Blue, Red Edge and Near Infra-red. The DT-5 bands sensor produces extremely accurate reflectance data thanks to the calibration panel supplied. For use in highly variable light conditions, the Incident Light Sensor (option) allows for in-flight reflectance corrections.

Bands 5 sensors: Red, Green, Blue, Red Edge, NIR
Focal length 5.5 mm
Resolution 1.23 Mpix per sensor
GSD 10 cm @ 150 m
Ground Picture Size W 155 m x L 103 m at 150 mAGL
The 5 Bands sensor provided by Delair-Tech is a UAV sensor for agriculture

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Acclaimed by surveyors and photogrammetry experts, the DT- 3Bands X sensor is perfectly suited for extensive corridor mapping and large topographic surveys. Its high resolution (36.3 Megapixels) and excellent photographic performance combined with the long-range capability of the DT26X UAV make it the ideal tool for modern mapping applications.

Focal length 35 mm
Resolution  36.4 MP
Pixel Pitch 4.9 μm
GSD (resolution) 2.1 cm @ 150 m
1.1 cm @ 80 m
Ground Picture Size W 155 m x L 103 m at 150 mAGL
Sensor type Global shutter
Long range UAVs Delair-Tech integrates DT-3Bands X sensors

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The DT26X is able to carry a LiDAR sensor. Thanks to its endurance and robustness under harsh conditions, the DT26X, combined with a LiDAR sensor is well suited for surveys in large areas with dense vegetation or for inspecting power lines. The LIDAR technology offers you a high density of points. With this laser scanning technology the DELAIR offer includes high survey-grade observations.

Field of View 330°
Max. measure rate Up to 350,000 meas./sec
Max. range @ target reflectivity 20% 550 m
Min. range  3 m
Range accuracy 10 mm
Eye safety class Laser class 1
Delair-Tech UAVs come with High precision sensors such as the LiDAR

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DT-Eye X

The DT-Eye X sensor payload was designed specifically for the DT26X, our long-range UAV. The EO/IR surveillance turret which weighs 1.6 kg (approx. 3.5 lbs) is easily controlled by the operator in joystick and/or “click to track” mode.  It features no pan motion limitation, a 10x optical zoom, geo-tracking and video tracking of moving objects as well as 100 μrad of stability.

Sensors EO & IR
EO resolution 440,000 pixels / 530 TVL
EO Optical Zoom 10x
IR resolution  640 x 480
IR Spectral band / Sensitivity 8-14 μm
< 50 mK
Video Tracking Mode Geo-tracking (coordinate based)
Video tracking (target tracking)
Gyrostabilized camera for UAVs and drones

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PPK Option : accurate geo-tagging technology

PPK (Post Processing Kinematics) is the technique used by our drones for applications demanding extremely accurate geo-tagging of aerial data (such as photos or point cloud).

Our PPK module consists of:
a high precision Inertial Motion Unit (IMU) for high precision camera angle recording during the flight.
a GNSS L1/L2 dual band receiver for GPS positioning

Combined with our DT18 or DT26X, our PPK module is the perfect tool for high accuracy surveys over long distances and large areas with no need to install ground control points (GCP) everywhere! DELAIR’s PPK technology offers you resolution to within 2cm.

Delair-Tech uses PPK Applanix technology

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Mama Bear Antenna

With the DELAIR Mama Bear Antenna, long range communications (Command & Control and Video Datalink) are enabled by the fully automated high-gain tracking antenna. Robust and easy to use, the Mama Bear Antenna is deployed within minutes by a single operator in the field.

Max Range (no obstacles, no interference) 20 km (DT18)
30 km (DT26X)
Deployment time 5 minutes
Power supply Battery (5 hours)
Embedded system  4-core 1GHz linux computer
Tracking antenna Accurate & automatic
Dimensions / Weight L 113 x W 43 x H 20 cm / 6 kg
Delair-Tech provides long distance Antenna for UAVs

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Baby Bear Antenna

The Baby Bear Antenna is optimized for maximum portability and convenience. The easy to deploy portable ground station offers a control-command (C2) range of 6.5 km. Features like the water, dust, and impact-resistant case keep the internal components safe in all kinds of harsh environments. Wireless connectivity to the laptop or Android tablet running the flight control software allows you to be mobile.

Max Range (no obstacles, no interference) 6.5 km
Power supply 40-hours battery life (li-ion)
Connection Wifi (laptop or Android tablet)
Charging time 6 hours
Frequency 868 or 900 MHz (depending on country)
Dimensions (cm) L 33 x W 15.5 x H 55
Delair-Tech baby bear antenna for long range UAVs

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SAT-Bear Digital

With the DELAIR SAT Bear option, you can connect your Mama Bear Antenna ground station, deployed anywhere in an extended European area*, to the Internet using a reliable high-speed satellite connection. Take your UAV operations to another level by bringing your worldwide users a live stream of the UAV video from any remote location. SAT-Bear Digital also enables you to command and control (C2) your UAV remotely which is ideal for emergency response applications and remote operations involving several ground stations for long and linear flights.
*SAT Bear service is currently available in Europe only

Communication capacity over the satellite link Control & Command
Live video stream
Uplink satellite link data rate (GCS to Internet) 6 Mbps (up to)
Downlink satellite data rate (Internet to GCS) 20 Mbps (up to)
Additional features Post-flight Picture Upload Internet
Internet access in the field
Sat Bear is video streaming through satellite for UAVs

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Delair-3G / Delair-4G

DELAIR has developed along with its partner Telefonica, a worldwide* 3G/4G service. This unique feature based on a private and secured M2M network, offers 3G/4G connectivity to DELAIR UAVs around the world either from a MAMA Bear Antenna or from the Solight tablet computer. With the DELAIR 3G/4G, no need to worry about interference or obstacles affecting the direct radio-links: your UAV will be able to fly as far as the local coverage can take it!

The 3G service is used for transmission of command and control signals. It comes as an option to DELAIR UAV packages with a 2-year subscription.

The 4G service is used for transmission of command and control signals as well video streaming. It comes as an option to DELAIR UAV packages with a 2-year subscription.

Delair-Tech integrates 3G 4G connectivity in its drones

UAV Control Softwares

Solapp Software

Designed entirely by DELAIR, Solapp flight control software is certainly among the most advanced UAV flight-control software available, acclaimed by the community of UAV pilots. Robust, safe, intuitive and smart, it will help you get the best out of your DELAIR UAV. With a fully integrated interface, Solapp will optimize your UAV operations from mission planning, to in-flight control and monitoring as well as for post-flight operations and analysis.

Flight plan generation Automatic or manual
Flight operations Adjustable waypoints, hippodromes, safety zones, altitude, landing area, etc.
Flight safety zone Park zones, forbidden zones
Safety Alarm display & audible alerts
Live battery monitoring
Safety video
Return home / fail-safe operations
Solapp UAV flight software

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Solight Software

Solight is our UAV control software developed for Android tablet computers. User-friendly it is ideal for routine and fast operations.

UAVs control application drones


Aware that drones are only one part of the equation, we also offer expertise in data processing and analysis with Delair-Stack, our on-line data management platform. It helps our clients generate operational reports from unstructured data. Our experts also accompany clients to meet their needs.

How does it work?
High resolution imagery (PPK, LiDAR Real time EO/IR video) acquired with our drones is integrated in our internally-developed DELAIR platform. Then automated processing using in-house algorithms specially developed for our clients’ operations is done with Delair-Stack. Finally, we generate adaptable deliverables, business analysis and reports according to our clients’ needs.

After data acquisition analyse datas and create analytics


DT-Launcher catapults

Our DT-Launcher catapults have been developed specifically for our drones. Quickly deployed, simple, easy to use and reliable, our catapults need not require any external power source thanks to their integrated bungees. No winch nor compressor need be used.

– Packaging for DT18 or DT26X: 155x47x30cm
– Deployed launch rampeDT18: length 298cm x width 113cm x height 96cm
– Deployed launch ramp DT26X: length 395cm x width 113cm x height 96cm

– launch ramp alone: <15kg (33lb)
– launch ramp and its container: <20kg (44lb)

Catapult UAV Delair-Tech


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