By: gael On: 26 September 2017 In: Press Comments: 0

DELAIR to Unveil a New Large-area Mapping Drone Featuring 3G/4G Communications and Onboard Processing Capabilities

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By: gael On: 22 September 2017 In: Geospatial Comments: 0

Every geospatial project starts with a well-defined scope. Within that scope there is inevitably a plan for how the...

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By: gael On: 19 September 2017 In: Geospatial, New products Comments: 0

Whether determining the location of one asset relative to another or identifying the geographic coordinates of a feature on...

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The newly announced Intel Insight Platform is a cloud-based data processing, analytics and reporting service that allows customers to...

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By: gael On: 19 June 2017 In: Events, Power & Utilities, Press Comments: 0

These test flights reinforce Delair-Tech position as a global leader of the commercial drone market. Benjamin Benharrosh, co-founder of...

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By: gael On: 12 June 2017 In: Operations, Press Comments: 0

The endorsement by France’s official procurement group strengthens Delair-Tech’s position as world leader in the professional drone market TOULOUSE,...

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By: gael On: 8 June 2017 In: Power & Utilities Comments: 0

Today at 11:00 a.m., RTE and Delair set a new distance record when they flew a civilian drone 30...

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By: gael On: 26 May 2017 In: Events, Operations Comments: 0

This agreement reinforces Delair-Tech position as a global leader of the commercial drone market South Pasedana, California, May 26th...

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By: gael On: 19 May 2017 In: Events, Press Comments: 0

First Toulouse-based startup to obtain the FrenchTech label, this renewal testifies Delair-Tech’s ability to continued rapid expansion of global...

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By: gael On: 15 May 2017 In: Agriculture Comments: 0

Increased yield. Drought resistance. Herbicide resistance. Disease resistance. More protein. The quest for the perfect crop is a never-ending...

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